Fantastic Four 2015  [ 新神奇四侠,神奇4侠(港),惊奇4超人(台),Fant4stic ]

Prodigy Richard (Miles Teller Miles Teller ornaments) by virtue of the invention the object transfer device has been studying quantum gate Franklin • Stone of her, he would to hire Richard, and by Victor ( Study Toby Kebbell Toby Kebbell ornaments), Johnny (· B · Michael Jordan Michael B. Jordan ornaments), Susan (Kate Mara Kate Mara ornaments) and other talented young people who work together, quantum gates finally breakthrough. Soon after, the government was unwilling to grab the results of young people called on Richard's friend Ben (Jamie Bell Jamie Bell ornaments), sneaking into the unknown world of adventure, who knows he was infected by a mysterious energy. After that, they have a body stretch, control fire, and rocks of the stealth capabilities.

Genre : Action, sci-fi, adventure,

Region : US, UK, Germany

Release : 2015-08-07 (USA)

Language : English

Titles : Fantastic Four 2015, 新神奇四侠,神奇4侠(港),惊奇4超人(台),Fant4stic,Fantastic Four

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