Dirty grandfather  [ 阿公欧买尬(台),PARTY冇限耆(港),肮脏的祖父,Driving Dick Kelly ]

Jason (Zac Efron decoration) is a bit stiff prospective groom, live boring lives conservative, is severe control freak fiancee beck and call, eve of the wedding, he just accompany widowed grandfather Dick (Robert De Niro ornaments ) relax on vacation, nature grandfather lust, with conservative grandson foot on a ridiculous romantic journey.

Genre : comedy,

Region : United States

Release : 2016-01-22 (USA)

Language : English

Titles : Dirty grandfather, 阿公欧买尬(台),PARTY冇限耆(港),肮脏的祖父,Driving Dick Kelly,Dirty Grandpa

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