At the child's Hill  [ 冰岛暖男的春天(台),当宅男老了,处子山,Virgin Mountain,Rocketman ]

Passed Buhuozhinian single dog Fúsi is an airport porter very mechanical talkative but his life is monotonous to the next job is in addition to metal music, all kinds of model hand to do his family encouraged him to try to go to a dance class and finally realized the shy timid sister but he was finally able to come out of their world it

Genre : Drama,

Region : Iceland, Denmark

Release : 2015-02-09 (Berlin Film Festival), 2015-03-20 (Iceland)

Language : Icelandic

Titles : At the child's Hill, 冰岛暖男的春天(台),当宅男老了,处子山,Virgin Mountain,Rocketman,Fúsi

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