Human Clear Program 3  [ 国定杀戮日:大选狂屠(港),国定杀戮日:大选之年(台),人类清除计划:无法无天,The Purge 3,新人类清除计划 ]

The annual national day slaughter coming at the same time, also to the US presidential election in full swing stage, one is the creation and implementation of a national day of killing NFFA spokesman Ed Popovich • Owens, one is was this terrible the killings took Senator Ron Charles family (Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell ornaments). Charlie at all costs to national slaughter day abolished, became a thorn in the side NFFA, the other in planning the killing of the night took her life. Charlie insisted that night to be strong at home, and her security chief Leo (Frank Grillo Frank Geli Luo ornaments) is playing the spirit of twelfth prepared to deal with opponents in all directions.

Genre : Action, sci-fi, horror,

Region : United States

Release : 2016-07-01 (USA)

Language : English, Russian

Titles : Human Clear Program 3, 国定杀戮日:大选狂屠(港),国定杀戮日:大选之年(台),人类清除计划:无法无天,The Purge 3,新人类清除计划,The Purge: Election Year

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