Hostel 49 - 1

Known as the "modern fairy tale", the story describes Dud, who is idle but charming, and joins a Long Beach Brotherhood after his father's death to find a simple and happy lifestyle. In the dormitory of the Brotherhood, he and other members gradually established their feelings and found the lost goals and meanings of life. He will face the deepest fear and the greatest hope in his heart. Other key players include Dud's twin sister Liz Dudley and long-time resident Ernie Fontaine in the fraternity dormitory. Ernie is a black man who welcomes Dud to this mysterious new world in his own way.

Genre : Plot,

Region : United States

Cast : Wyatt Russell / Sonia Cassidy / David Pasquis / Eric Alan Kramer / Bright Jennings / Linda Imon

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Hostel 49,Room 49

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