The Evolution of Our Love - 1 [ Love evolution ]

Ai Ruoman, a good condition, self-improvement, and all the way forward, the outstanding representative of the new independent women in the city, but has never been favored by men, but also characterized by the ex-boyfriend as no one dare to love. Lufei, gentle and easy-going, with people for the good, with the peace of mind, just want to do 60 points is good ordinary people, love cooking, cleaning and flowers and home products, the opposite sex is very good, love resume is mysterious blank, even less dare to approach the marriage half step. Both of them are 30-year-old single men and women who struggle in the metropolis. They are not willing to be judged as a golden age at the age of 30, and are striving to evolve themselves better and open up a better life. The fifteen years they met were after they turned their friendships, and they recognized each other's sentiments. They also evolved their better self and finally harvested their own love.

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Anzhu Room

Cast : Zhang Tianai / Zhang Ruoqi / Xu Weizhou / He Wei / Zhao Dongze / Liang Baoling / Xu Wei / Sun Song / Zhang Lingxin / Bai Bing

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : The Evolution of Our Love,Love evolution

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