Taxi Express 5  [ Taxi 5 ]

The Paris police officer Sylvan (Frank Geith Church) was too radical in his mission and was transferred to the Marseille Community Police. On the first day of his appointment, he met the Italian super-running gang to rob the jewels. The robbers drove the Ferrari and drove the squadrons to make Sylvan and the "skilled" police officers "unprecedented" and made their appearance. As Sylvan was unable to do anything, he met the savage taxi driver Eddie (Mallik Banzela). The two have no tacit understanding, but they have to work together to arrest the suspects. A cat and mouse game with frequent situations and laughter is unfolding...

Genre : Comedy , Action , Crime,

Region : France

Director : Frank Geith Church Peter

Cast : Frank Gaith Hall Peter / Malik Banzela / Bernal Fassi / Servito Esposito / Sabana Ozani

Release : 2018

Language : French / Italian

Titles : Taxi Express 5,Taxi 5,Ultimate Kill 5 (Taiwan) / Taxi 5

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