Road of love  [ Ein Weg ]

After the love and passion, the two people know each other too much, how can they flow in love? A movie that truly portrays the long-lasting relationship of love, how far is it to love forever? In Thuringia, Germany, lived a gay man, Anzul worked smoothly, and Martin's work was no longer satisfactory. The sons of the two also finally grew up and left home. Once again, they have a world of two people. As usual, they go to the Baltic Sea for vacation, but they encounter bad weather, which makes the differences between the two people more and more obvious. When the expectations of a relationship are no longer the same, how do the two become old and always concentric?

Genre : Love , same sex,

Region : Germany

Director : Chris Miria

Cast : Mike Hoffmann / Mathis Reinhardt / Cai Cohrs / Tom Böttcher / Eva Horacek

Release : 2018

Language : German

Titles : Road of love,Ein Weg,Love, don't come innocent (Taiwan) / Love Sea (Port) / Paths

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