Billion teenager club  [ Billionaires Boys Club ]

"Variety" broke the news, "The Mistakes in Stars" actor Ansel Elgart and "Ace Agent" actor Tarren Egerton are in the final discussion with the film, is expected to join "Big wise" (Billionaires Boys Club). The film is adapted from the same-name drama, El Got is playing a business genius, Ejton plays a professional tennis player, and the film shows the ups and downs of the two in the business sea. The project will be available for sale in the US film market next month.

Genre : Drama , Thriller , Biography,

Region : United States

Director : James Cox

Cast : Tarren Egdon / Ansel Elkot / Kevin Spacey / Emma Roberts / Billy Lord

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Billion teenager club,Billionaires Boys Club,Wall Street Wolves (Hong Kong) / Billion Boys Club / Dazhi Ruoyu

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