Third wave  [ The Cured ]

"The Third Wave" tells that after six years of ravages by a zombie virus in Europe, it finally found an "antidote" that would allow zombies to return to normal. But these people who are recovering are not accepted by the society, family members reject them, and the government strictly controls them. Under the mixed feelings of anger, guilt and fear, some "recovered zombies" began to carry out terrorist activities, and the society once again fell into turmoil. The medicine has gotten sick, but it can't cure people's hearts.

Genre : Science fiction , horror,

Region : Ireland

Director : David Freyne

Cast : Alan Peggy / Tom Vaughan - Lawler / Sam Kelly / Stewart Graham / Amy De Bihan

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Third wave,The Cured,Zombie Madness (Taiwan) / The Third Wave

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