Just Want to See You Smile - 1 [ I want to see you smiling ]

Ji Xiaoxing suffers from severe lens aphasia. Once he receives a character with a line, he will be petrified instantly, but her ideal is to become a powerful actor. In a time playing a dead body, Ji Xiaoxing became a super idol singer, an eccentric and mysterious Shu Zhan, and he was involved in an unexpected scare incident with him, and had to tie in with the follow-up. Shu Zhan suffered from a mental illness because of a family accident in his childhood. This disease is actually only immune to Ji Xiaoxing, and Ji Xiaoxing became an assistant to Shu Zhan. The successor of Shenghua Group, Xin Yuling, is the person in charge of the film project "Floating Life". Xin Xinling personally selected the film for the film, and finally chose Shen Xun, Su Weibai, Shu Zhan, Du Nian and An Ge. As an assistant to Shu Zhan, Ji Xiaoxing also entered the crew. When Xin Xinling first saw the free and easy Ji Xiaoxing, she was very unhappy with her. Unexpectedly, he experienced a series of things. Unconsciously, the iceberg of Xinlingling had a crack. What he didn't expect was that the movie project he personally planned was caught in the whirlpool of various conspiracy from the beginning. However, after the storm, the rainbow will be seen. Ji Xiaoxing, Shu Zhan, Xin Yuling, Shen Xun, Du Ruo, Night Zero and other young people will not hesitate to break through the heavy resistance, put aside all prejudice and misunderstanding, and walk shoulder to shoulder on the road of chasing dreams. Row.

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Cai Cong

Cast : Li Wenhan / Du Yuxi / Hou Junyi / Liu Qianxi / Lin Shijie / Yan Han / Zhao Duona / Zhang Shasha / Huang Xinyao / Lin Wei

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : Just Want to See You Smile,I want to see you smiling

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