Heavenly girl! ~Girl fell from the second floor... - 1

Heavenly woman! ~ Girl fell down from the second floor...?~ The animation collection was adapted from Ekihara's comics, and the animation will be attached to the last quarter's "Sweet Penalty", which belongs to the same set of works. The girl penetrated the ceiling and fell down from the 2nd floor! ? The story tells me of living in a shabby apartment. The only thing that feels cured is the beautiful landlord and the lovely girl on the second floor. One day, the ceiling sounded squeaky... "Oh!" and it burst, and the girl on the second floor fell from heaven just above me...! ? Through a miraculous peach-colored incident, the mind and body are connected by chance. After that, I started to live with two beautiful women! ? Under the same roof, how will the overly dense triangular relationship develop?

Genre : Love, harem, instant noodles,

Region : Japan

Director : Hingain

Cast : サラ / Flower モモコ / 秋本ねりね / 本多启吾

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese language

Titles : Heavenly girl! ~Girl fell from the second floor...,Heavenly girl! ~Girl fell from the second floor...

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