blackmail  [ Blackmail ]

Dave (Ilvan Khan) is the company's gold salesman and has been living with his beautiful wife Rena (Kirti Kurjali) for a time that is neither salt nor light, hard and boring. One day, the boss announced that Dave was in charge of the company's new product, the sales campaign for new toilet paper, and all kinds of preparations were in full swing. At the same time, Dave came home to give his wife a surprise, but when he hit the privacy of his family, Dave decided. The extortion wife's lover needs to live. As a result, two clues of sales campaigns and extortions began to cross, and various jokes were presented.

Genre : comedy,

Region : India

Director : Abhinay Deo

Cast : Ilfan Khan / Kirti Kulhari / Urmila Madongka / Divia Datta / Arunod Singh

Release : 2018

Language : Hindi

Titles : blackmail,Blackmail

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