Nightmare Doll House  [ Ghostland ]

"Extreme: Killing Purgatory," the French ghost master director Baska Lawgha's new book "Ere Dream Doll House", once again creating beyond the type of fantasy horror, about the young girl who determined to become a horror fiction writer, the whole family moved to an old house that night Suffered by mob attacks, although he died in a deadly manner, he was tempted to change his temperament. She adapted the horror experience into a work and became a popular writer. Originally he thought that the childhood dreams had already passed through the realm of events. He did not expect that more secrets and crises were waiting in the wings. The elements of terror are readily available, and murders, blood eruptions, and ghostly buildings in the darkrooms are all forms of tricks. However, the unexpected twists and turns of the plot are endless.

Genre : Suspense , Thriller , Horror,

Region : France/Canada

Director : Baska Laugija

Cast : Kristal Reid / Marlene Farmer / Anastasia Phillips / Emilia Jones / Taylor Hinkson

Release : 2018

Language : English / French

Titles : Nightmare Doll House,Ghostland,E Dream Doll House (Taiwan) / Ghostland Murder (Hong Kong) / Incident in a Ghost Land

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