Are You Human Too? - 1 [ 너도인간이니? ]

The play tells the story of the chaebol 3's coma. His mother created the same artificial intelligence robot as he did and let the artificial intelligence machine impersonate him, causing the artificial intelligence robot to become involved in the bloody power competition of the chaebol family. The story of a 'masquerading as a human fraud project'. It started production in June and is expected to air in the second half of the year.

Genre : TV series,

Region : Korea

Director : Che Rongxun / Yin Junyi

Cast : Xu Kangjun / Kong Shengqi / Li Junhe / Park Jixi / Jin Chengling / Liu Wuxing / Pu Yingkui / Jin Yuanhai / Cui Demeng / Jin Huien / Kim Hyun Sook / Zhao Zailong / Cui Bingmo / Wu Xijun / Che Yi / Wu Yizhi / Cai Dongxuan / Che Chuanhe

Release : 2018

Language : Korean

Titles : Are You Human Too?,너도인간이니?

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