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The play tells about Xiao Qing, Shu Che, Yu Ying, Ning Ming, Cheng Ran and Green Card who gathered in the United States for various reasons such as family, ideals and love. After becoming an elite of the Vine Academy, they moved from the ivory tower to the society and completed the transformation step by step. s story.

Genre : TV series,

Region : inside China

Director : Liu Jiang

Cast : Tang Yue / Luo Jin / Xu Lingyue / Yu Jijun / Wang Tianchen / Ma Chengcheng / Qu Bing / Gao Liwen / Zhang Haolin / Shi Ke / Shi Jingming / Zhang Kaili / Wang Ji / Wang Zhiwen

Release : 2018

Language : Mandarin

Titles : The Way We Were,Go back

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