Lawless Lawyer - 1 [ 무법변호사 ]

The play tells the story of a lawyer who did not believe in law, and who could not solve it with his fists, and who, before reporting to the mother for revenge, stood before a justice court against a lawyer who had omnipotent power. This is a lawyer who portrays only a revenge for running, a court action drama that describes his path to revenge and the road to growth.

Genre : TV series,

Region : Korea

Director : Jin Zhenmin

Cast : Li Zhunji / Xu Ruizhi / Li Huiying / Cui Minxiu / Jin Bingxi / Lin Chixiong / Lian Huilan / Che Zhenyuan / Quan Zhenji / Cui Daixun / Li Daiyan / Shen Enting / An Neixiang / Li Weiwei / Jin Guangkui / Pu Zhengxue / Li Haozhe / Li Luyun / Li Shuyu / Daniel Joey Albright

Release : 2018

Language : Korean

Titles : Lawless Lawyer,무법변호사,Unable to Attorney (Taiwan) / Lawless Lawyer

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