Black Revenge - 1 [ ブラックリベンジ ]

The story recounts that Kimura’s gossip magazine, who is a journalist, hires reporter Saori, and is not afraid to go around in order to expose the scandal. She's husband who was so persistent with the scandal for a reason was originally a promising politician, but he was suicidal because he had fabricated scandals in a vacuum. Saori, who knows this matter, decides to counter him. The ugly secrets of people who expose the scandals that tarnished his husband's revenge.

Genre : TV series,

Region : Japan

Director : Otaro

Cast : Kimura Doejiang / Sato Erlang / Hirayama Hiroshi / Sakai Shinta / Okano Miyako / Nakamura Yoshiko / Suzuki sand feather

Release : 2018

Language : Japanese language

Titles : Black Revenge,ブラックリベンジ

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