Earth Season 5 Season 5 - 1

In the five years after Bai Zizi successfully crossed the surface invasion, the mountain gene crisis, the Ari intelligent crisis, and the canopy radiation crisis, the surface people led by the sky and the little Heda returned to the ground. When rebuilding their homes, it was unexpectedly discovered that the submarine intelligence base established by the U.S. defense before the war ended due to the termination of standby power supply. After exploration, it was discovered that the base did not have survivors. After repairing the power supply equipment, Skyman entered the control system of the submarine base. It turned out to be a space warfare base that was developed during the Cold War period. The reason why it was built on the sea floor was for safety and confidentiality. The submarine base can access military satellites that are still in operation. It has been surprisingly discovered that the United States has secretly made contact with the Protoss civilization of the universe. The Protoss civilization’s diplomatic fleet has departed a century ago and is now on the verge of the Milky Way. Protoss civilization has no longer found the earth civilization. At the same time, ari's back-up system in the space station misidentified the Protoss civilization’s intentions, hoping that they could help humans rebuild their homes. However, the Protoss civilization has already begun the plan for a colonial ball. The mission of the diplomatic fleet is to eliminate the earth's residual civilization and establish a new order. It will be a highlight of this season that the sky and the surface people will use the Earth's backward civilization to defeat the Cosmic Protoss. The basic plot setting, the Protoss civilization is also a carbon-based creature, has a human-like appearance, and its weapons are also based on the development of quantum mechanics, but it is more advanced than the human victory in science and technology. When the Protoss civilization and the Earth civilization discovered each other, they thought that the science and technology of Earth's civilization were explosive, and they may not be able to maintain their technical lead after reaching the Earth. However, due to their curiosity about the unknown world, they sent 2 starships and 1W Protoss soldiers. The diplomatic fleet.

Genre : Science Fiction , Action , Drama,

Region : American

Director : Jason Rosenberger/Cass Morgan

Cast : Elisa Tyler-Corte / Lina Lenner / Lindsay Morgan / Mary Eglo Pulse / Bob Morey / Ivana Milicevic / Peggy-Tuco / Christopher Lakin/Henry Ian Cusco/Luisa De Ouvola/Tassia Terre/Richard Harmon

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Earth Season 5 Season 5,100 people

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