Between - 1

"Sandwich Girl's Counterattack" (English: Between), 2018 Sanrihua TV drama Sunday ten point series of the 43rd work. The play was starred by Zhang Liang, Ye Xingchen, Lin Ziyu, Lin Siyu, Shao Xiang, and Liao Wei, and they were able to complete the document "Lovers Who Can Never Read Back." Sandwich girls survive in the cracks, while the workplace ecology is divided between the top and bottom, while the dilemma of the family and emotional life, a counterattack belonging to a sandwich girl unfolds....

Genre : TV series,

Region : Taiwan, China

Director : Hao Xinxiang

Cast : Zhang Liang / Ye Xingchen / Lin Ziyu / Lin Siyu / Li Shaoxiang / Liao Wei

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : Between

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