Berserk  [ The Brink ]

On the theme of fraternity, "Madman" tells the story of a serious shootout by gunmen Jiang Guicheng (Yu Wenle), who discovered the smuggling of gold in the black market in the deserted fishing village with the case inspector Western Dog (Zhang Jin). Gui Cheng and his team want to take the gold to flee, the car actually exploded, as you survived, vowed to find the assassination behind the murderous, which triggered a series of mutiny, murder, escape story.

Genre : action,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : Li Jun

Cast : Zhang Jin, Shawn Yue, Wen Yong Shan, Wu Mi, Lin Jiadong, Su Lishan, Zeng Guoxiang, Pacific Insurance, Grizzlies, Zheng Ziping

Release : 2018

Language : N / A

Titles : Berserk, The Brink,狂獸

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